The Dan Bongino Show - We Need a Plan. Here it is

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Good morning everyone!

Late yesterday I finally caught Dan Bongino's show, and boy is it a doozy!

First of all, there's been a lot of talk, even from me, about starting a new party and abandoning the GOP. 

The other day I shared an article from American Thinker which said we should not do that, but instead, take it over. Dan REALLY does a good job of connecting the dots and explaining why we should not go for a new 3rd party option, but in fact reclaim the GOP.

Then he goes on to REALLY do a great job of illustrating the BIG TECH takeover and how totalitarian it is, and gives examples of real people who lived through such regimes.

Any how, I highly recommend you watch this show.

And at 1000 PT, after Goofy's article about Trump declassifying info, I'm putting up yesterday's X22 report. Part B is extremely interesting and although I suggest listening to both episodes, the second one is quite surprising and possibly elucidating, and it also relates to the declassifying efforts.  

Please enjoy.




Executive Producer - Joe Armacost

News & Politics With a Sharp Edge by Former Secret Service Agent, Republican Nominee for the US Senate & Author of the New York Times Best Seller "Life Inside the Bubble", Dan Bongino.



In this episode, I discuss the stunning new DOJ complaint alleging that a liberal activist was part of the Capitol attack. I also discuss the information likely to come out in the last minute declassification of the Spygate files.


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